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Are your extremely sensitive teeth ruining your ability to experience hot and cold foods? Don’t ignore signs of a potential problem and visit Armstrong Dental. Dr. Jason J. Armstrong offers cost-efficient dental services that will bring back health and comfort to your teeth, whether you need a root canal or a filling.

Dental care with extensive background experience for all of your needs:

  • Crowns – This is a cap that is shaped like a tooth. It maintains a tooth’s shape and size, strength, and also improves the tooth’s look. It is also used to cover a tooth that has had a root canal (been endodontically treated).
  • Initial Oral Examination – This includes a visual exam, charting periodontal probing, diagnosis and treatment recommendations. Furthermore, we will take digital x-rays, which is 90% less radiation).
  • Root Canal Therapy – This gets rid of the damaged nerve from the tooth and allows tooth restoral through filling or crown. Nerves inside teeth can at times be damaged from large fillings, grinding, clenching, trauma, decay, and other factors.
  • Retreat Root Canal Therapy – New infections may emerge, despite the dentist’s efforts to seal and clean a tooth.

    The reasons for this include:

    • The inner sealing material breaking down over time, which allows bacteria to recontaminate the tooth’s inner aspects
    • A leaky crown or filling that allows bacteria into the tooth’s inner regions
    • Canals not being cleaned out properly from the previous root canal
  • Extractions – Every type of extraction- simple, surgical, and wisdom teeth that are impacted.

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