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Starting the road to high quality dental health early is important. Whether it is for children to teenagers, Armstrong Dental offers an exciting and enjoyable experience. Placing children in a comfortable environment, Dr. Jason J. Armstrong will have them excited and thrilled for their next visit.

Understanding, kind dentistry for kids:

  • Air Abrasion – Drill-free dentistry for little cavities. No presence of shots and no loud drills included!
  • Frenectomy – A frenum is a fold of tissue in the mouth. Frenums are located between the upper two front teeth, below the tongue, and along the gums’ sides. Frenectomies are completed in our office with a laser. There is no down time for your child.
  • Nitrous-oxide(Laughing Gas) – It helps your child to calm down in our plush chairs during the dental visit and allows the dentist to efficiently treat your child. Also known as N2O, it is simply a gas that you inhale. It does not irritate,has no smell, and no color.
  • Extractions – A tooth that is abscessed, or infected, or extremely decayed to keep, or a primary (baby) tooth may be in the way of regular eruption of a permanent tooth.
  • Fluoride Treatment – A rinse of varnish that provides continual tooth protection. It helps with the prevention of decaying teeth through having the teeth become more resilient to acid attacks that occur from bacteria, sugars found in the mouth, and plaque.

Visiting the dentist is not supposed to be a frightening experience. To schedule an appointment, call Armstrong Dental today at 313-278-6333. Be sure to ask about our drill-free dental procedure

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